5 of the Best Places to Eat in Tuscaloosa

Hey everyone! Since my time is running out quickly here in Tuscaloosa, I wanted to make a post on my favorite places to eat here! Yes, I know I am not a food blogger, but I am SUCH a foodie I thought why not share some yummy places?! These are all great restaurants to get the full college experience or just have a simple lunch with your girlfriends! Let’s begin!

  1. Buffalo Phils – I mean this had to make the list. If you’re from Tuscaloosa, you know why! This is located on the strip which gives it the perfect college like atmosphere! I would 100% recommend this place to someone who might have never been to Tuscaloosa & wants the real deal food wise. Whatever you do, you MUST try their bphils sauce because it is AMAZING.
  2. Avenue Pub – Another fan favorite is the Avenue Pub. Their loaded cheese fries give me life as well as their chicken nuggets. This place might be one of my favorite places of all!
  3. Steel City Pops – You guessed it, popsicles! So this place isn’t exactly food, more like a sweet treat! They beat out any popsicle places I have ever been to! My personal favorite is the strawberry lemonade! But you also can’t go wrong with the lime, or sweet tea flavor either!
  4. Depalmas – Holy moly this place is the best! This is the more pricy restaurant of all the others but it is SO worth it. When my family comes in town, this is one place we always go to. Their pasta + bread pudding is to die for! Oh and their pizza’s are MASSIVE.
  5. Rock and Roll Sushi – Last but not least is Rock and Roll Sushi! What makes this place so cool is the atmosphere. Their menus are made out of old record vinyl covers such like Kiss and Elvis! I really enjoy their food as well!

I hope if any of you guys are ever in Tuscaloosa you check out these amazing food places!!

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