Beach Vacation Essentials

Hi everyone! Today I am happily writing this blog post in Destin, FL! This was a much needed vacation I might add with all the hustle and bustle that has been in my life lately! There are very few things I love more than the beach and I am sure most of you guys can relate. With that being said, I always struggle with forgetting something before I leave on my vacay. However, there are a couple of items that I swear by bringing them on almost all my beach vacations. Along with my essentials, I have been wearing this adorable tee from Old Navy. If you follow me on instagram (Madison_banks) you probably saw me tease this blog post yesterday using the tee. This tee is on sale for $7!!!!!!!! Whoop Whoop! They also have many different patterns to choose from as well. So without making yall wait any longer, here are my beach vacation essentials!


    1. Coconut Oil – Not only is this great for your skin + hair but I love cooking with it! I know that it might sound gross but it is great in my morning coffee or as a non stick base when cooking anything on the stovetop! It is also great to put on sunburned skin as it helps prevent peeling. But remember to wear your sunscreen to protect that pretty skin ladies!!!!!
    2. Sunglasses – I wear sunglasses 99% of the time I am outside due to very sensitive eyes so these are a MUST have for me at the beach. I typically bring all my pairs of sunnies and rotate them throughout the week. It also isn’t a bad idea to grab a cheap pair considering you might lose them in the ocean or simply get them dirty.
    3. Beach Hat – This is a must for me due to my blonde locks! If I don’t wear a hat, my hair will get so incredibly dry (which is where coconut oil comes in handy ;)) However, I would rather my hair not get dry to begin with. Secondly, It keeps the sun off my face in which protects it from the suns harmful rays. Again wear your sunscreen!!!!
    4. Coverups – I think coverups are the cutest things! I have a simple white one that I always bring! I think they are great to throw on for a walk down the beach or if you are coming back for a lunch break!
    5. Snacks – A few of my favorites to eat on the beach consist of lemon water, iced coffee, and fresh fruit! Pro tip: pre wash and cut your fruit so it is readily available!
    6. Magazines/books – Last but not least, a good read! This is great for not only traveling to your beach vacation, but also while relaxing on the beach!


    Hoped my beach vacation essentials list helps you get all your items in order for your next vacay!
XO, Madison


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