Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! Let me start out by saying this is something I’ve always had in the back of my mind debating if I should do it or not! But somewhere I finally found the courage to finally start one. Throughout this blog I will incorporate a few of my favorite things such as: clothes, decorating, photography and a little bit of Jesus ­čÖé

My love for clothes really began from the start. Having two big sisters, I constantly had an array of clothes to choose from when they were willing to let me borrow (and I say willing lightly). They were always the first to be brutally honest about my fashion choices even as a kid. If you have older siblings, especially sisters, you’ll understand where I’m coming from ;). But I really do credit them with instilling the fashion sense that I have today.

My love for decorating ┬ádefinitely came from one of the most influential people in my life, my mom. Having impeccable taste, she started her very own decorating business with no college degree. As one can imagine not having a college education would be difficult for anyone in the interior design field, but not for her. Her decorating business completely excelled way beyond her wonders. She is the definition of an hardworking mother and wife. As a young child, she took me to about every single house she ever decorated. Some of her clients even referred to me as her “assistant.”One particular thing she did that I feel like molded my decorating taste was occasionally asking me my opinion. For example, she’d give me two different window treatment fabrics and ask me which one went best with the wall color and tile. Doing that from such a young age really set the standard for my taste. She is the reason I love interior design like I do today.

Last but not least, my love of photography began completely on my own. I always preferred taking the pictures verses actually being in them. Something about capturing a moment and having it saved forever even after it has passed mesmerized me. I also love how one photo can catch pure, and raw happiness. It is very true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Throughout this blog I hope you enjoy reading about my life and must haves!

XOXO, Madison

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February 6, 2017

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