Carry-on essentials

Who-hoo! It’s finally Spring Break. Sorry I’ve been so mute, midterms are the worst. This Spring break my mom and I decided to take a trip to Waco. Yes, the home of the one and only Chip & Joanna Gains. Ya’ll, I’m so excited! We are hoping that maybe, just maybe we might see Chip & Joanna Gains around town.

A good book- In this case, I picked “The Magnolia Story” considering Chip & Joanna Gains wrote it.
Charger – Need I explain this?!
Camera – Always carry this on! It can easily get stolen/lost while in checkin bags.
Headphones – They always make the flight go by faster.
Medicine – Always good to have just in case.
Sunnies- If you know me at all, you know I love my sunnies. They are always in my bag!


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