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Happy Wednesday everyone! I am so happy to bring you my very first collaboration with the fabulous Margo Katsotis aka Margo Maybe! After much talk, we decided to throw our styles together and see what happens. We wanted to revolve this posts around casual and dressy GNO looks. We really wanted to stress the importance of owing your own style as well. Margo and I have similar taste, but at the same time its different. So without further ado, lets begin!

So to start out let me acknowledge this lace shirt trend. I LOVE IT. I found the nude lace shirt I’m wearing at a local botique however you can find these practically anywhere. Being comfortable in my clothes is really important to me. That’s one of the reasons I like this shirt so much. It’s so light, and perfect for that awkward season change from summer to fall. I added it with simple boyfriend jeans. I adore mine. I wanted them as soon as I saw Selena Gomez wearing them with a plain white tee in her “Good for you” music video. Lastly I added nude velvet heels. They literally can go with just about everything in my closet. I highly recommend buying a pair of these because again they are perfect for that awkward season change we are currently in. My second outfit is this adorable denim jumpsuit. I constantly get people asking where I purchased it. Sadly, my exact one is no where to be found on the web but I will post many similar ones below. Lastly, I added the metallic booties. I am OBSESSED with these! I have been a shoeacholic lately and when I came across these I just had to have them.

Now for Margo, she wore the most adorable black skirt with beading on it. I feel like the beading added such a versatile look as in you can either dress it up or down depending on what all you put with it. She paired it with a cute gray tee with adorable heels! For the second outfit, she worn a velvet dress which is PERFECT for fall. I honestly feel like you can feel velvet through all seasons but especially this number is perfect for fall. What I loved about this dress is that it’s flirty and fun but yet not too much. She paired it with mules. MULES ARE IN PPL! Jump on the mule bandwagon!

What you can take away from this:

    1. Modest yet flirty – I feel like this is so so important! It is perfectly ok to express your style but I do agree with the saying “modest is hottest.” Margo and I both give plenty options of how to be fun and flirty without giving away to much! As in her fun slit in her dress and my cut out in my denim jumpsuit.
    2. Bold is key – Express your style girlfriend. Always wear something that makes some sort of statement wether that be a purse, earrings, or even shoes. I feel like big pops of color are in no matter the what the season is. For instance, I wear my metallic mules to give color to my denim jumpsuit. While Margo uses bold fabrics such as velvet and leather to add some spunk to her cute outfits!
    3. Shoes – Girl invest in some shoes!!! I love shoes so much. I feel like they can make the BIGGEST difference in your outfit. What I like about shoes is that for the most part they are inexpensive and if not, shoes are always going on sale. The key is digging. Check out your local Marshalls, or T.J. Maxx and I can gaurenntee you’ll find some!


    XoXo, Blue Eyed Blondie & Margo Maybe!
    P.S. Click the pictures below to shop our outfits!



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