Orange Theory Fitness Review

Happy Monday everyone! Today, I am going to be talking about my experience with Orange Theory. I constantly receive questions from friends about my membership so I thought this would be a great tool for those interested! This is a honest review solely based on my opinions! This past summer I finally decided it was time to give Orange Theory a go after hearing such positive things about it. Considering the first class is free I thought why not? I was super nervous considering I NEVER workout y’all. Like seriously before then I never did any sort of exercise (lol). They asked me to arrive 15 minutes early to give me a brief overview of what the company was all about. I was super impressed right off the bat because the employees are very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. They first give you this heart monitor bracelet in which you can view on the T.V. while working out. This honestly is one of my favorite things about it. There are 3 different zones your monitor tracks. Base (green), Push (orange), and All out (red), You can raise your pace (color) by speed or incline. Being a competitive person, I got such a high from seeing my monitor change to red. Along with your heart rate being tracked, it also records how many calories lost. On average, I burn about 650 cals every workout which is a TON for me. Now more onto the working out side, you typically get to choose where you start out. Meaning the treads, rower, or weight room. I prefer to start out with the treads because I like to get that cardio out of the way because who likes cardio?! We typically spend 30 minutes on the treads doing intervals. Throughout the workout, you hear the coaches guiding you through the different paces you should be at and for how long. We typically spend the last 30 minutes in the weight room. One aspect that I really like is that the coach gives you a quick demo on how to so each one. Like I said before I NEVER worked out before this, so it was great to have a example of each workout. I always felt weird going to the gym and feeling like people were starring at me. Literally no one cares at Orange Theory, You are working so hard you block out everyone else vice versa. Now for all the cons.

The cons:

  1. Super expensive!!!! It is $60 for 4 times a month (1 time a week), $100 for 8 times a month (2 times a week), or $150 for unlimited.This is the main compliant I have.Yes, you get a great workout but no I do not think it’s worth that much $$$. Not to mention you have to buy your heart rate monitor on which ranges anywhere between $40-$90. However you CAN use your monitor outside class which I have done a few times and really like it.
  2. 8-hour cancelation policy. THIS SUCKS! Basically, if you don’t cancel your class before 8-hours of when you’re supposed to be there it uses one of your slots. Like what the heck, not cool!!! Plus you get a charge for not showing up.

So, the real question, is it worth the money? Yes and no. I truly feel like I get a challenging, effective workout but it’s a big investment. I’ve been working out with them since June and I can honestly say I do see a difference in my body. Not only toning wise, but stamina on the treads.

XoXo, Madison

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