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Things to do in Waco, TX.

I mean must I really say the main reason to visit Waco? The beautiful place of Magnolia owned by my favorites, Chip & Joanna Gains. There are so many different things to do here we had a complete blast. Though the town is small, it has so much to offer for everyone. I hope this helps plan your next trip to Waco!

  1. Magnolia – Now this is something that might take you two days to cover completely. Not because it’s big, but because the lines! It took us 2.5 hours just to get into her shop. It was 3 hours just to get into the bakery! I highly recommend going at a later hour due to the lines.
  2. Not far from Magnolia is another really trendy shop. Though it has no correlation with Magnolia, it’s a must see. It’s called The Findery. There were so many cute decorations with some clothes as well!
  3. As seen on Fixer Upper, is Clint Harp who designs some of their furniture. This is kinda kept on the down-low for tourists but I’m going to tell ya anyway! The store is called Harp Co. in which he has handmade furniture available for purchase.
  4. Now for eating, you must try the World Cup Cafe and Fair Trade Market. It’s this adorable cafe with killer food. It’s award winning around the town of Waco.
  5. I also recommend visiting Baylor University, not only because Chip & Joanna graduated from there, but it’s a really cool campus with tons to offer.
  6. For shopping, a really trendy place to stop is Spice Village. It’s literally right around the corner from Magnolia. It has so many different shops and things to pick from!
  7. For you boys out there, the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum is there! Though we did not get a chance to visit it, I’m sure it has great things to offer.
  8. If you plan on visiting Waco, try and book ahead so you can stay at Chip & Joanna Gains bed and breakfast, the Magnolia House. It’s pretty pricy and has a long waiting list but hey if you’re going to visit Waco, do it right!
  9. Lastly, do some research and drive by some of Chip & Joanna Gains houses renovated on HGTV!Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 4.54.56 PMIMG_2064









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