Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Edition

Hi loves! Hope you guys are having a fabulous week! Today is Wednesday so y’all know what that means! I am super pumped to share this post with you all because picking your bridesmaids is SO important and asking them is even more important! I wanted to share a few tips to choosing your wedding party!

  1. Think twice before you ask – Super super important part right here. Obviously you cannot take back the invitation of asking someone to be in your wedding. Secondly, how important is this person to you? Do you see them being your friend in 5+ years? Give yourself time pondering these questions before asking!
  2. Consider the size of your wedding – Personally, I knew I wanted a big bridal party. I think the bigger it is the more fun it will be. However do take into consideration your approximated guest list. If you’re having a wedding of 100 or less you might not want 8 bridesmaids. At the end of the day, it is your wedding so do what makes you happy but just keep this in mind!
  3. Uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen – This is completely acceptable!!!! I feel like a lot of people think it is weird but girlfriend do you! Hunter and I both prefer symmetry so we wanted a even number but if you have more friends than your hubby or vice versa, don’t let that stop you from adding more!
  4. You can’t please everyone – Again, this is your wedding day. Do not let peoples feelings get in the way of your decision. Understand that you will probably have people a little butt hurt that they didn’t get the invite.
  5. Pick people you can depend on – This is also a very important aspect. Don’t pick someone who is notoriously late or someone who bails frequently! Make sure they have their ish together and can be dependable!


Now for the fun stuff, the proposal! I always knew I wanted to ask my bridesmaids in a super fun way. I came across all these interesting little boxes that were so adorable but were SO expensive. Like $100 a box expensive. Now I have 8 bridesmaids so that was going to be $800 hahahaha no. So I came up with an idea, why not create boxes of my own?? I am sure I could make it a lot cheaper and still be super cute! So like any other gal, I headed over to ETSY where the possibilities are endless. Firstly, I ordered simple brown paper boxes. These were super easy and relatively inexpensive. I got mine HERE. If you aren’t into paper boxes just go for the wood ones! Personally, I didn’t think my bridesmaids would use the wooden box for much of anything so it wasn’t worth the extra $$$. Secondly, I ordered the proposal invitations. This was by far the hardest for me to find. There were so many options I was overwhelmed! I ended up going with classic, yet cute invitations which you can find HERE. As much as I loved mine I wouldn’t recommend buying from here again. I didn’t realize when I purchased them that the company was based in the U.K. It took almost 3 weeks for them to get here which was not fun because I was so ready to give my bridesmaids their boxes! Thirdly, I ordered fun champagne flute glasses with their name engraved in gold. I plan on everyone bringing theres to the wedding so when getting ready we can enjoy champagne or mimosas! You can find those HERE.┬áLastly, I got them all mini bottles of wine for a celebration of being in the wedding. You can find these at your local liquor store. This was another cute addition to the box. I also got white confetti to put in the bottom of the box for decor! Overall, I loved the way it turned out and it was a lot cheaper than buying a pre-made box. So get your creativity on and make your bridesmaid boxes! See you guys soon!


xx, Madison

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