Wedding Wednesday + Dress Edition

Today is part 2 of my Wedding Wednesday series and I am SO excited to share this one with you! Finding the dress was my absolute favorite part about wedding planning. I am actually so sad it is over! I thought I was going to be such a diva when it came to my dress because I had yet to find something I just loved. Yes, I am talking about searching Pinterest (which every girl does btw) to find some inspiration. There was always something I didn’t like about them. I was completely wrong! I found myself liking SO many and on top of that I went with a dress I never thought I would get! I tried on about 12 and literally loved 10 of them. The lovely ladies at Maggie Louise bridal shop were absolute dolls and were amazing at helping me find my dream dress. I don’t think I could have asked for a better experience. I thought I would put together a list of tips that helped me find my dream dress easily, and quickly so that you might too!


        1.  If you are feeling like your best self it’ll make the dress shopping so much easier. So with that in mind go get your nails done, have on all you makeup! Do whatever makes you feel most confident and beautiful.
        2. Bring the essentials! Do not forget heels, sticky boobs, and a strapless bra.
        3. Have some images of dresses you might like to try on. Maggie Louise was SO good about this. We had a phone consultation a week before and i sent them images of dresses i liked! This helped so much (even though my dress is nothing like what I thought I wanted)
        4. Set a budget. Before going in have a budget you do not want to go over and stick to it. Don’t try on dresses out of your price range without asking the person who is paying. For example, my parents are the people who paid for mine. My mom saw a dress asked me to try it on… it was 5,000 which was WAY out of our price range. She asked me to try it on without knowing the $$$. But it was a blessing because I didn’t like it at all lol! But if I fell in love with it, it would have been so hard to walk away.
        5. Bring supportive peeps! You don’t want a negative family member there tearing you down. This is such a special day, only bring the ones who matter!
    1. DURING:
    2. 1. You don’t have to have THE moment. I didn’t cry when I found my dress and so many people made me feel bad about that. There is nothing wrong with not crying or not having THE moment when finding your dress. Personally, I had to try on my dress 3 times before I said yes. I think it was because I had this idea of what I wanted stuck in my head therefore the thought of getting anything else scared the crap out of me! However, after a few minutes of just being in it, I knew it was the one.
    3. 2. Be picky! I was and you are allowed to be! Now don’t be a bridezilla but if you don’t like something about a dress say it! Chances are it can be removed or changed around.
    4. 3. I was stuck between three dresses (which were all Hayley Paige lol). Something that was really helpful was taking pictures in them all then comparing them next to each other. I feel like when you’re looking in a mirror its human nature to depict every little thing you don’t like about yourself, but when faced looking at pictures you’re forced to see what others see. It took my literally 1 second to know it was my dress when I compared them all side by side.
    5. Anyways, I hope this post was helpful to all the ladies out there getting ready to pick out dresses. Enjoy those short hours of feeling like a princess. Remember to stay positive and confident!
    6. xx, Madison




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