Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Hi everyone, I am back with a Wedding Wednesday post because you guys keep asking for them! Let me tell y’all, wedding planning has NOT been easy. From school, blogging, interning (which I will tell y’all about soon), and having a social life, the wedding has been hard to make time for! I literally have to plan everything, like down to the napkin colors! Sooooo with that being said, anyone wanna come plan my wedding?!? LOL totally kidding. That’s why I wanted to write a post on the things not to do when planning for a wedding. ┬áSome of these tips were told to me, and others I have learned throughout the process! Just a short disclaimer, I have made half of these mistakes below so I am no expert, just speaking from experience in hopes that I can make your wedding planning a little bit easier! So without further a do, lets jump in!

  1. Having a set theme – This one was something I defiantly have learned throughout this process. Going into it, I had a boho whimsical theme in my head, and was completely unwilling to listen to anyone else’s opinions on it (including Hunter’s lol). This made planning so much more stressful because if something wasn’t “boho whimsical” enough, it wasn’t going to be in the wedding. It made picking out things SO hard. Don’t get me wrong, having a theme can be very beneficial, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t seem to fall into an exact theme.
  2. Don’t skimp on photographer or videographer – This was something that has been told to me so many times I knew I had to include it. 20 years from now, you aren’t going to have the flowers, venue, or any of the materialistic stuff that a wedding has. What you will have though will be the pictures and videos. If you want to spend extra money anywhere, do so on the media. This will be the only thing you have to show your kiddos one day!
  3. Save the Dates – Make sure you do them! Also, don’t be like me and wait way too long to do it. Yep, I still haven’t sent out my save the dates. I know, I am such a unorganized bride lol. I told y’all, I am SO busy! They will be going out by the end of this month but they really should gone out last month. Don’t forget about this step like I did!
  4. Day of Coordinator – This was also something so many people have recommend I do! I don’t have a wedding planner so to speak, however I do have a day of coordinator to make sure everything goes smoothly. I don’t want myself, or any family members worried about something going wrong on the big day. Hire someone to take care of those worries!
  5. DIY – Do it yourself is a great way to save money, but keep it at a minimum! The last thing you want is to be at DIY overload a few days before your wedding. Just remember this is one of the most important days of your life and you don’t want to be stressed about DIY’s.

That’s all I have for today guys, talk soon!


xo, Madison
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