Wedding Wednesday: Mood Board

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You guys asked and now you are receiving! A few weeks ago, I took a poll on Instagram to see what my readers wanted more of in 2018 and a lot of you guys voted on Wedding planning! Though I won’t be doing it as often as I was, I am going to include the different tips to help me prepare for the big day! One of the first things I did when Hunter and I got engaged was I pinned like crazy on Pinterest! Every gal knows Pinterest is the destination for inspiration. I have had a wedding board for years with so many different ideas of things I loved but I quickly became overwhelmed with how many pins I had. That’s when I took a step back and was like ok there has to be a easier way. I have created mood boards in the past for other things like blogging for instance. So why not make one for the wedding? You can make a mood board super simple with just a few of your favorite things. This can be anything from hair, to nails, or even flower choices. I like keeping my mood board close by when planning because I can always go back to my central theme for the wedding. Here are some helpful tips when creating a mood board.

  • Pick your colors – Every wedding has a central color template. For instance, mine are pastel blue, light blue, grey, and deep green. I think it it really helpful to have those color swatches on deck when picking out flowers (which I just did). It is also helpful to have two main shades with a few other correlating shades.
  • Hair, dress, makeup – These are also really good to include on your mood board because when the time comes to pick these things out you have direction. Every girl has a story of going to get her hair done for homecoming/prom and it turing out completely different than what you asked for. This is your wedding day and you cannot let this happen! Be prepared!
  • Mood – This can really help filter in the correct mood of your wedding. Is it traditional, whimsical, or even boho? Having this board helps you stay on track with that central mood you want featured throughout the entire wedding.
  • Pinterest – Going back to Pinterest, I gained all my pictures of the mood board through it. As overwhelming it can be, Pinterest is crucial for planning. Filter out what you love and don’t love. You got this girl!

*I used picmonkey to create the board*

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