Wedding Wednesday + Venue Edition

Happy November! No better way to kick off the month than starting my mini series on wedding advice. I am so excited to share my planning journey with you all! One of the first things I did as a Bride-to-be was pick a venue and set a budget. Considering we wanted a summer wedding, we needed to act quick because we didn’t have much time. So far, finding the venue was the most stressful part for me. At first, I was so frustrated because it felt like Hunter and I were never going to find our perfect venue. We eventually found our DREAM venue here are 6 tips that helped me find it and hopefully yours too!

  1. Budget – This is the MOST important one of all. If you know a venue is not in your budget, don’t even go look at it. They aren’t going to negotiate with you nor give you any sort of deal. The price of the venue is not going to change no matter how much you love it. Also don’t forget to look at what all the venue includes. For instance, the venue might be over your budget but it might include chairs, tables, linens, etc. Make sure to do your homework!
  2. Guest list – Going off of the budget this is also something to keep in mind. Let’s say you only want 50 people at your wedding. You might be able to squeeze in the more expensive venue because you won’t have as much food. Secondly, make sure your venue can accommodate your guest list.
  3. Food – Ok so food is one of the most expensive things about a wedding. An average food rate for a wedding is $35 per head. Less guest = less food = more money to spend on other things. To be completely transparent with you all Hunter and I made a mock guest list and cut it by 50 to save money for other things. Another tip to save money is to have an early afternoon wedding considering people won’t be expecting food. A lot of people do this and serve light snacks.
  4. Alcohol – This is another big money spender. Some venues make you purchase the alcohol directly through them which is CRAZY expensive. I am talking about $4 per bottle. Yes, I said PER bottle. A lot of people set a limit on alcohol. Meaning you say after 30 cases of beer and 15 bottles of wine lets turn it into a cash bar.
  5. Parking – This was something that didn’t even cross my mind when searching for a venue. But this is a real issue. There were two venues in particular that parking was just awful. There was no way my sweet grandparents were going to walk 5 minutes on gravel to get to the venue.
  6. Have fun  – This is so important y’all. Through the stress and chaos enjoy it. This is the only time in your life you can do this so don’t be negative because it seems like you can’t find the perfect place. You are allowed to be picky! You got this!

That’s all I have for this Wedding Wednesday + Venue Edition! Tune in 11/15 for my next segment in this mini series which will be on finding your dream dress!

xx, Madison

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